birdStepper update brings improved MIDI sync

As promised by the developer. Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved MIDI clock sync compatibility
  • Delay Effect is now tempo-synchronized
  • Stepper controls now include alignment guides
  • Preset selection table automatically opens to current preset for more convenient preset loading
  • Shorter animation time when opening effect detail screen
  • Pattern progress display is more accurate
  • Stepper playheads have correct behavior when rewinding

Virtual ANS: Sound to Image and Vice Versa (video)

KORG volca, ms-20 Roland TR-8 synched with Ableton Live 9 (Funky stuff) (video)

Korg Volcas on eBay

SunVox on iPhone: FM synth (video)

An early view of Sunvox running on an iPhone.

Korg microKORG, Roland AIRA, Korg Volca, microBRUTE(manojuno’s Request) (video)

Korg Volcas on eBay

Virtual ANS: Image to Sound Conversion (video)

Happy birthday to Melodica, which arrived in 2009

Melodica first arrived on the app store today back in 2009, and its free version followed up a few months later.

Roland TR-8 Aira vs KORG Microkorg XL & Volca (BURG – Blue, Take One) (video)

Korg Volcas on eBay

SunVox: tracker basics (video)

This tracker basics video from 5 years ago is still worth a look today.

Back in 2010: The mobile music alphabet – F

Another mobile music alphabet post. This time for the letter F, which is going to be very different now I think. So what would you put in for the letter F now?
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