OP-1 #22 Sequencer MIDI Out to A4 (video)

OP-1s (on eBay)

SunVox: tracker basics #2 (video)

More ‘how-to’ for Sunvox from 2011.

Miniatures Volume 2 by Twink (audio)


Made using the Yellofier app.

Virtual ANS Universe (video)

So here’s where we first found out about Virtual ANS.

“Virtual ANS is a software simulator of the unique Russian synthesizer ANS – photoelectronic microtonal/spectral musical instrument created by Russian engineer Evgeny Murzin from 1938 to 1958.
The app is cross-platform and available for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and OSX.”

Reminder: Sunvox is on sale at 50% off today

Don’t forget that Sunvox is on sale today. It’s half price for today only. Sunvox was priced at $5.99, but just for today it’s down to $2.99.

Missed the round up from last week? Never mind, it’s right here when you need it

If you missed the round up from last week, you can find it right here, and it was a very busy week too.

Reminder: Virtual ANS is half price today to celebrate Palm Sounds being 8 years old!

Virtual ANS is on sale today to celebrate Palm Sounds being 8 years old in May. Virtual ANS is now down to $2.99 from its normal price of $5.99.

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