A big thank you to NightRadio for Sunvox and Virtual ANS on sale

In fact a massive thank you to Alex (Mr NightRadio), for putting his awesome apps on sale today to celebrate Palm Sounds turning 8 years old in May.

Sunvox and Virtual ANS are amazing apps, and my favourite of course is Sunvox. I can remember using Sunvox on my Treo 650, and on my Axim, and then of course on iOS. Sunvox is possibly one of the most cross platform apps of all time, working on multiple mobile and desktop platforms, and if that wasn’t enough, you really have to visit the warmplace site to see all of what Mr NightRadio has accomplished.

It isn’t all commercial apps either. His experimental apps are truly inspirational. Apps like PhonoPaper and Virtual ANS, and experimental projects like NedoSound, show that Mr NightRadio can take some very different and very interesting directions.

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at some of these apps I suggest you do now. Whilst at times complex, they are some of the most interesting, and innovative on the app store, and they can take your music into new directions and encourage creativity.

Once again a big thank you to Alex. Here’s to lots more of his unique brand of music making apps.

SunVox: 6-Band Vocoder (video)

So this takes us right up to the present day …

SunVox: real-time recording (video)

Although it’s from 2 years ago it still feels like real time recording is a relatively new addition to Sunvox.

iRing Music Maker app with iRing iPhone/iPad motion control (video demo / tutorial)

Virtual ANS: Fractal Sounds (video)

iRing FX/Controller as MIDI controller for Loopy HD, Korg Gadget, Audiobus 2 – Part 1/2 (Demo)

Video description:

“Watch a demo of iRing and the iRing FX/Controller control popular apps Loopy HD and Korg Gadget using Audiobus, iRing FX/Controller as MIDI controller and iRing for motion-based gestures!

Now control your favorite effects and MIDI apps with simple hand movements and gestures!

iRing FX/Controller is a free companion app for use with the iRing that puts the power of motion control in your hands — more specifically between your fingers. iRing FX doubles as a professional quality audio effects processor and a toucheless MIDI controller that uses hand movements and gestures to apply and control effect parameters and/or send MIDI messages to your apps. It’s powerful features and effects make iRing an indispensible tool for creative musicians and DJs on the go.”

SunVox: sample recording (video)

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