Here’s the round up for the last week, I hope you enjoy it!

It certainly felt like a busy week to me, and by the looks of it I wasn’t wrong. Of course the latter part of the week has been the start of our month long celebration of Palm Sounds turning 8 years old in May.

Anyway, here are the highlights as I see them, day by day …





  • Well Thursday marked the start of a month long celebration of Palm Sounds turning 8 years old.
  • Teenage Engineering have Oplab back in stock and a load of new videos showing it off. You can find them here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Audio Mastering 2.5 arrived. There’s a video here too
  • Of course we had some great sale prices on all of One Red Dog Media‘s apps on Thursday, so a massive thank you to One Red Dog, and to everyone who joined in and grabbed a bargain
  • Thursday finished off with some thoughts on why mobile music is important.


  • Friday was day 2 of the Palm Sounds birthday celebrations and saw some awesome sales from Erik (humbleTUNE) and from Holderness Media too
  • If that wasn’t enough, Holderness Media brought us Crystalline, their new shimmer effects app
  • If you’re thinking about advertising in Apptronica, please take a look here and act fast
  • We see a great use of the innovative vidibox app in this video using the app and audiobus
  • Right on cue e-l-s-a 1.2 arrives in the app store


So, here’s to another packed week next week.

And, I can safely say that there’ll be even more sales, promo codes and more to enjoy next week as part of our month long celebration of Palm Sounds and mobile music. 

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