iVCS3 Codes have now gone out

All the codes have now gone out. Well done to everyone who won a code. There were a lot of entries and only 6 codes. There’ll be another give away tomorrow and lots more to come over the coming days and weeks.

iVCS3 Promo Code Give Away is now closed

Thanks to everyone who has entered the iVCS3 promo code contest. It’s now closed and codes will be going out to the 6 winners chosen at random from everyone who gave the right answer.

Also, a massive thank you to apeSoft for providing the codes for this give away. We really appreciate it.

Just an hour left for the iVCS3 Promo code give away

So don’t miss out!

Here’s the round up for the last week, I hope you enjoy it!

It certainly felt like a busy week to me, and by the looks of it I wasn’t wrong. Of course the latter part of the week has been the start of our month long celebration of Palm Sounds turning 8 years old in May.

Anyway, here are the highlights as I see them, day by day …





  • Well Thursday marked the start of a month long celebration of Palm Sounds turning 8 years old.
  • Teenage Engineering have Oplab back in stock and a load of new videos showing it off. You can find them here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
  • Audio Mastering 2.5 arrived. There’s a video here too
  • Of course we had some great sale prices on all of One Red Dog Media‘s apps on Thursday, so a massive thank you to One Red Dog, and to everyone who joined in and grabbed a bargain
  • Thursday finished off with some thoughts on why mobile music is important.


  • Friday was day 2 of the Palm Sounds birthday celebrations and saw some awesome sales from Erik (humbleTUNE) and from Holderness Media too
  • If that wasn’t enough, Holderness Media brought us Crystalline, their new shimmer effects app
  • If you’re thinking about advertising in Apptronica, please take a look here and act fast
  • We see a great use of the innovative vidibox app in this video using the app and audiobus
  • Right on cue e-l-s-a 1.2 arrives in the app store


So, here’s to another packed week next week.

And, I can safely say that there’ll be even more sales, promo codes and more to enjoy next week as part of our month long celebration of Palm Sounds and mobile music. 

Don’t miss out, enter the iVCS3 promo code give away!

Please remember only to use this form and nothing else. If you tweet your entry, or email it, or anything else for that matter it won’t be picked up.

There are 6 codes up for grabs. The give away is now open and will close in 12 hours at 9pm (BST).

If you don’t know the iVCS3 app, take a look on the app store …

Back in 2011: The first look at Caustic on Android

Amazing to think that Caustic goes back this far. I can remember having a play around with it when I started doing Android stuff, but here you can see it first appearing on Palm Sounds.

Back in 2010: The mobile music alphabet – D

Another mobile music alphabet today. Now on the letter D. So, what would you entries for the letter D be now? How much have they changed since 2010?

Back in 2010: The first iPad Guitar?

Well this was really just a bit tongue in cheek at the time, but fun nevertheless.

iVCS 3 for iPad a Demo and Tour Around This Amazing App (video)

And another video to show you just what the iVCS3 is capable of.

Happy birthday to RecTools02 from Yudo

It was a big deal in 2009 when YUDO first brought out this recorder app. I wish they’d kept it up, but sadly that wasn’t to be the case.
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