Whilst Genome is great, Genome 2.0 could be really amazing …

Sure, Genome is pretty amazing all by itself. I’m a big fan and I’ve made that clear I think! But it wouldn’t be fair to let this day go without mentioning that it is due an update, and in fact one is in progress as you can hear from the SoundCloud clip below.

This is about a month old now, and there’s no promises on when the 2.0 release will be available, but it’s worth knowing what’s in the pipeline.

iRig MIDI is currently 35% off from IK

iRig MIDI (normally priced at $69.99/€54.99) is now being offered for only $44.99/€34.99 (ex. taxes).  Click the image below if you’re interested in the iRig MIDI.

Automating CC’s in Shruthi-1 with Genome (video)

Automation of osc shapes on Shruthi-1 from Genome (video)

I do love my Shruthi, and using it with Genome was excellent.

More good things coming to M3000 …


M3000 free is nearly here


Sequencing 4 voices out of the CZ101 using Genome (video)

gakken NSX-39 pocket miku vocaloid 3 thru makenoise Echophone (video)

Interesting sound experiment I think.

Inter-App Audio demo from Jordan Rudess (video)

Genome and Roland PMA-5 (video)

More using Genome, this time with the rare PMA-5.

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