Palm Sounds at 8: Erik, Mr HumbleTUNE and his amazing apps

So it’s been a pretty amazing day, with some great app sales from Erik. But I thought it would be worth saying a few things about just how good his stuff is.

Today we’ve had 50% off e-l-s-a and nils, both excellent apps, although I have to say that my personal favourite is nils which I’ve used a number of time and it’s one of those apps I just keep coming back to. But this developer hasn’t just created a lot of very innovative apps (he has of course), he’s actually done some really interesting things with them. For instance, did you know that I pretty sure that his apps are amongst the very few music apps to integrate with the Sphero ball hardware? Here’s a little example:

nils +sphero light/control test

And here’s his app Shapesynth working with Sphero too:

He’s always experimenting with interesting things, and I think that’s really important. Here’s a good example:

Playing with shapesynth +teensyduino midi +ir sensor

And he’s always bringing us new things

elsa iOS sampler

So I’m very happy that Erik was able to support Palm Sounds birthday. If you want to know more about his apps then please take a look at his YouTube channel, it’s got some really interesting things in it.

And finally, I love this picture …

Palm Sounds at 8: Thank you Holdnerness Media

I have to say a huge thank you to Chris from Holdnerness Media for putting his great apps on sale today for Palm Sounds being celebrating eight years this month.

Holderness media have been around for quite a while too, perhaps longer than you think. We all know their regular apps, Echo Pad, Swoopster, Stereo Designer, and now Crystalline (released today), but of course the first app that was released was Waviary …

That was from the beginning of 2012, but that app is no more.

From then Holderness have specialised in effects apps, bringing Echo Pad …

then Swoopster …

then Stereo Designer …

and then today, Crystalline …

All in all a very high quality set of effects apps to enjoy.

I really hope that we continue to see the same standard of interesting and useful apps come from Holderness Media. They’re a big supporter of the iOS community, give them your support to.

e-l-s-a 1.2 arrives, how’s that for timing!

Just in time to come in our 1 day sale of e-l-s-a and nils, e-l-s-a 1.2 arrives, bringing …

  • Adding ability to open .wav and .aiff files, from other applications.
  • Adding midi controls settings.
  • Adding new sample, baby piano.
  • Extending bpm setting to 1 – 240.

And don’t forget that it’s on sale just for today, 50% off, so it’s just $0.99 right now.

kutika with vidibox and audiobus by ingui (video)

Really impressive use of vidibox.

Confirmation of what’s coming in birdStepper …


Mixtikl thru nils (audio)

Something I made a while back using nils to process Mixtikl.

iLectric from IK Multimedia, Full Demo for iPad

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