Here we are on the 1st of May, and there’s lots to tell

So, here we are in May already. In years gone by we’ve made May a whole month celebration for Palm Sounds’ birthday although in the last couple of years this hasn’t been as big a deal for one reason and another.

However, not so in 2014!

This May we’re going to be celebrating throughout the month with loads of app discounts, promo codes to give away and much more besides, and it starts today, so watch out for details.

Also this month you’ll see more of our “history” type posts. So far I’ve had very good feedback on these and I think that it’s worth doing more of them as they serve as a useful reminder of where the mobile music community has come from and just how much we’ve achieved as a community in the last 8 years. I hope you’ll enjoy these this month and beyond.

If that wasn’t enough for you, hopefully I’ll have some big announcements towards the end of the month with some things that I hope you’ll find even more interesting and exciting.

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