My App of the week this week is …

Audulus! I love modular synth apps, and modular synths, although I’m trying to avoid going all out down that particular route. So I’m glad to have a few great modular synth apps on my iDevices and Audulus is right up there.

Of course version 2.7 bringing the app universal is a great development for Audulus, and I’ve already enjoyed using it on my iPhone 5 today.

If you don’t know the app then it’s not only a great synth, Audiobus compatible of course, and with plenty of example patches to get you started, but it’s also a very good way to start to learn the basics of synthesis, which I know can be complex.

So Audulus is my app of the week this week, and I’ve included the latest video of the now universal app.

StepPolyArp Floating Windows

Minibrute + Samplr app

Crystalline – Clean Guitar (loop)

Clean guitar played through Crystalline for iPad, connected to Apogee Jam interface. No other apps/processing used.

More coming to midiSequencer …


Sonic Touch 31 – Korg Gadget (video)

Hypebot: 7 top Google apps for musicians

Hypebot is generally a good source of information for musicians and every now and then there’s a piece on there that I think I really have to share. This is one. 7 top Google apps for musicians. There’s a few things in there that I didn’t know about at all, so worth a look I think.

BeatStepper Jan W (video)

I think I’ve got to get one of these …

At Propellerheads, this is how they get things done …


“Moogfest day 2 by Dr Bleep” …


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