My two favourite recent comments

Apologies for the delay in getting these out, but I did like these comments and I thought they were well thought through:

The first …

Obviously I have bought a lot of ios apps as the majority of ios music users but personally I use them quite often while they are new and after a few weeks I lose interest.
At the time I am quite obsessed with Korg Gadget.

The reasons being that I like closed autonomous systems, capable of a wide variety of sounds and/or synthesis methods, mainly because I love sound engineering and exploring as well.
I think because of this, my all time apps of choice was Nanostudio and iPolysix before and not Garage band.

Another plus is the parameter automation liberty and since I am amateur, the easyness of interface.
Korg included a wide variety of synths from easily accessible by the amateurs, to lil sonic beasts so everyone will be happy.

There are some drawbacks of course like the keyboard layouts that although are easy to use for random melodies in the predefined scales, may end quite awkward if you plan to pull something more adventurous musically speaking.
Also the note editing and manipulation may prove quite inaccurate and the lack of undo history leads to constant savings of various versions of the same song to make sure you won’t lose anything important creating a mess of files the majority of them will be a waste of space.

And the second …

mister-rz said…

Just one is to hard, this week I’ve mainly been enjoying, sliver, was creating sounds in virtual ans for it last night, I get lost in sliver making drone sounds, I love it. Also been using sector, dub and space into audioshare via audiobus, been getting great inspiration with that combo.

I use audioshare with a usb mic to capture sounds when I’m out and about, finding it’s making me listen more carefully to my environment, as there is always something interesting happening sonically at any given time.

Both from this post.

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