midiSequencerLite arrives (and as you’d expect, it’s free)

midiSequencerLite is the lite version of MidiSequencer

MidiSequencer is a new and exciting way to trigger your favourite IOS coreMidi synths (or midi hardware) to produce more experimental sounds than would normally be possible using existing sequencers and keyboard playing techniques.

With an ability to run at extremely low (1 BPM) and high tempos (255 BPM in this version), midiSequencer will produce sounds from your synths of a more ethereal and psycho-acoustic quality (feathery trills and bass rumbles) alongside the more traditional music sequenced patterns.

Aimed firmly at live & studio performance for both professional & amateur, every effort has been made to make changes whilst playing. For example, a Cycle button is available to delay changes until the sequence resets allowing you to be less accurate with your timing. This includes loading in completely new patterns or changes in key.

MidiSequencer allows you to conform notes to a scale to augment the chromatic harmony with C or G Major/Minor in this lite version. Enharmonic note names are used for all scales.

Each of the 16 steps can be individually configured for note, velocity, length, midi channel(restricted to 1 & 2 in this version), and an independant midi controller (4 available in full version).
These controls can be set using sliders which can either be dragged or drawn on screen by hand.

After playing a step, flexible routing options exist on each step to allow you to jump out of the normal loop patterns enabling you to build up small sequences out of the available 16 (jumps restricted to 1-8 & 16 in this version). This is also interactive during play.

Flexible routing allows virtual & network sessions and all midi is now based on the excellent midiBus library.

Inputs & outputs can be individually activated so that you can select which of your ios synths will be played – including those in audiobus.

Midi input is also possible with the ability to record incomming midi channel notes (velocity, channel & CC’s in the full version). During play your midi input will transpose the sequence currently playing.

A performance rollout panel exists for you to quickly load & save ideas into snapshot patterns. Up to 10 (20 in full version) are available in a bank which can be saved to disk with a name, date and a description. These files can be exported & imported using itunes file sharing.

A variety of ornamentations are available to add colour to normal notes. Triplet repeated notes give ratcheting effects whilst mordents,appoggiatura & acciaccatura add a more baroque feel.

All aspects of midiSequencer have been made to be modified during play – including synchronised file loading, tempo changing and step redirection. This together with fine control on midi messaging to your synths, gives you a new way to enhance your enjoyment of your favourite synths.


  1. This is a lite version of midiSequencer, so lacks some of the extended functionality of the full version. 10 minute session time only.
  2. iOS 6 or greater only, so iPad 1 not supported.
  3. This app makes no sound (although it can send/receive midi to coreMidi apps you have installed on your iPad).
  4. To communicate with external midi equipment you will need a suitable iPad midi interface unless you use the Midi Network sessions over wifi. 

As I mentioned, it’s free.


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