Reminder: Argon Synth from IceGear – Sale ends on the 23rd

Don’t forget that IceGear’s sale price on their excellent iPhone synth Argon is going to end on the 23rd of this month. For $0.99 this is a great little synth app.

Gakken NSX-39 & KORG DS-10 Plus – Autobahn (video)

Reminder: Xenon Groove Synth on sale until the 23rd

Don’t forget that IceGear’s excellent universal groove synth app Xenon is on sale for $2.99 until the 23rd.

littleBits – auto kalimba (video)

Not entirely useful, but fun I guess.

The daily picture …

Whatever happened to these?

Better, Apple on the environment (video)

Video description:

“At Apple, we strive to reduce our impact on climate change, find ways to use greener materials and conserve resources for future generations. This video was shot on location at Apple Facilities. Now more than ever, we will work to leave the world better than we found it.”

I thought it was important to post this as most of us end up using a lot of Apple hardware over time and it’s good to see what they’re trying to do.

I know that this has been around for a while, but it was something I kept meaning to post about, so here it is. Click here for 44 free patches for iVCS3 from the synth patcher community.

If you don’t know iVCS3, you can find it here on the app store.

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