birdStepper arrives for iPad

Tired of the same old sounds? Yeah, us too — so we created birdStepper for iPad. birdStepper provides you endless new musical possibilities by making time-synced effect automation fast and simple. Filter sweeps? Check. Dubstep wobbles? Ch-ch-ch-check. Complete annihilation of your sound? Better believe that’s a check.

Whether you’re a guitarist, singer, or synth player, you’ll be amazed at what you can create with birdStepper. birdStepper comes with 8 jaw-dropping effects that you can re-order and automate with a flick of your finger.

birdStepper is compatible with Audiobus and can be synchronized to an external clock source via Core MIDI. Its simple yet powerful clock allows you to quickly change tempo, time signature, beat divisions and more.

birdStepper was designed with performing musicians in mind, so whether you’re on stage or in the studio, you can count on birdStepper’s sound and stability no matter what you throw at it.

Stop fiddling with the knobs on your pedals. It’s time to change your sound.


  • Automatable effects:
  • Pitch Shift
  • Fuzz
  • Ambience
  • Delay
  • Wobble
  • Filter
  • Spectre
  • Chorus

Post-processing effects:

  • Noise gate
  • Compressor
  • Output volume

birdStepper is priced at $4.99, which is 50% off for the first week, so grab it once and for all.

Audulus IAPs are also 50% off

Time to grab some of those excellent IAPs inside of Audulus as they’re 50% off too at the moment.

And here’s part 2 of that iConnectMIDI4+ review including video

So here’s a link to part two of this very comprehensive review from Music Inclusive.

iConnectMIDI4+ Preliminary Review from Music Inclusive

Part one of this review is a whole review in it’s own right really. There’s a lot in there, go take a look.

dot Melody for iPhone arrives

From the creator of the critically acclaimed* music app Chordion comes dot Melody, a fun new way to make music on your iPhone.

Move dots around to create intertwining melodies, bass lines, and drum beats. Switch chords and patterns on the fly. Select from a variety of instruments and process them through delay and reverb effects.

Best with headphones or over AirPlay.


  • Tap or drag anywhere to create new dots.
  • Move dots horizontally to change pitch within the current chord.
  • Move dots vertically to change duration/rhythm.
  • Tap a dot to make it a rest.
  • Double tap to delete it.


  • Switch chords/scales on the fly to change the notes in your pattern.
  • Unlimited number of chords
  • Choose from suggested chords or create your own.


  • Unlimited number of patterns, each with 3 instrument layers.
  • Copy, reverse, clear, randomize, and generate functions.
  • Easily re-order patterns.


  • 3 instrument layers
  • 23 carefully created built-in instruments
  • Mod Wheel enabled
  • Independent volume controls with the mixer.
  • Independent delay effect sends.


  • Tempo-synced delay with feedback and low pass filter.
  • Reverb with mix and decay controls.

Tempo & Time Signature

  • Tap Tempo function
  • Choose from a range of time signatures for pattern syncing.
  • Use x/x time signature to enter “free mode” and let your instruments create phase patterns.

MIDI Out – In App Purchase

  • MIDI out is available as an In-App Purchase.
  • Each instrument layer can use independent MIDI ports and channels.
  • Mod Wheel support included.
  • Advanced MIDI timing implementation

File Management

  • Create new files from templates in any key
  • Easily duplicate or re-name files


  • Hit the record button to record your jams in real-time.
  • Recordings are saved to iTunes File Sharing.


  • Use dot Melody as an Audiobus source! See for more information.

Requires iPhone 4s, iPod touch 5th Generation, or newer.

dot Melody is priced at $2.99.

Audulus 2.7: iPhone!

The OP-1 Cookbook gets updated to version 1.3 to include DSynth, Sketch LFO and more

Updated to Match 14167 OS – Released March 2014

  • DSynth Included
  • Sketch LFO Included
  • M1/M2 Functionality Updated

New Section Deep Dive, Tips & Tricks

  • D Synth / Drum Deeper Dive
  • LFO Deeper Dive
  • Tutorials for using LFOs
  • Tutorial for Finger Sequencer

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