Meet the Flux Link — iMPC Pro Log (video)

“The Flux Link is an expressive performance control in iMPC Pro that lets you glitch and drop the beat of your Sequences.

iMPC Pro Log showcases the latest features from the freshest development build of iMPC Pro, the upcoming beat production iPad app from Akai Professional and Retronyms. A new video drops every week until we launch!

[Note: iMPC Pro is currently in development. All features are subject to change]”

Using iMIDIPatchbay to play multiple synth apps (video)

SpaceLab gets on the bus

So, if SpaceLab is on the bus, does that make it a SpaceBus now?

Anyway, it’s on the bus now, no idea about state saving though, but the app is still only $0.99.

Sliver AB2 state saving on the way …


Audulus for iPhone due tomorrow …


Still on sale: R960Seq

R960Seq is still on sale at $2.99.

Still on sale: Praxis Beats Drum Machine

Praxis Beats Drum Machine is still 66% off at just $4.99.

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