It’s that time again, here’s the weekly round up from the 14th – 19th of April …

Here goes another round from the last week, which seems to have been a lighter week although lots of apps have gone on sale over the weekend (see at the end of this post).

Anyway, here are the highlights, day by day …




  • A new Audiobus compatible app arrives, Temperament (universal)
  • PhonoPaper from NightRadio (developer of Sunvox) arrives for Android, and coming soon to iOS
  • MobMuPlat becomes Audiobus compatible, giving you the power of Pd in your Audiobus set ups.



  • Loads of stuff goes on sale, I’ve included some of the highlights below, but for a full picture click on the price drops label (here) to see what’s on sale, with the proviso that some may have gone back to its original price by the time you get there
  • MultiTrack Studio gets on the bus
  • DXi FM now supports IAA


  • Jam Maestro adds AB2 state saving and so much more, it’s really worth checking it all out
  • Knob Lab arrives, a really different controller app
  • Audulus is coming to your iPhone on Tuesday

Still on sale (updated):

Argon Synth from IceGear is still on sale at just $0.99.
Xenon Groove Synth from IceGear is also on sale for only $2.99.
Wow Filterbox from Sugar Bytes is on sale at $9.99
Turnado from Sugar Bytes is on sale for $9.99
Thesys from Sugar Bytes is on sale for $9.99
Effectrix from Sugar Bytes is on sale for $9.99
NanoStudio on sale for just $6.99
iMIDIPatchBay on sale for just $9.99

Remember, also check the price drops label to see what’s on sale.

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