Started with a Thor Lead: another track using just iPad Music Apps (video by Marcus Padrini)

B-Step Sequencer is coming to your iPad on the 28th …

MoMuPro has a some details and has also posted the video of the desktop version too.

Expect more on this, in the not too distant future …

Audulus for iPhone due on Tuesday the 22nd


Knob Lab – MIDI Controller by Sonic Logic arrives

Knob Lab is a powerful MIDI controller for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Control Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Cubase, Protools, Traktor, and other popular DAWs right from your iPad.

Knob Lab can control devices over WiFi, Bluetooth, Virtual MIDI (inter app communication) or with a cable.

Knob Lab uses CoreMIDI to send MIDI signals so you can even hook it up to hardware synths using and iPad to MIDI cable.

Main Features:

  • Virtual MIDI – Control other iOS apps from Knob Lab.
  • WiFi connection – Connect to a PC or Mac using WiFi.
  • Bluetooth connection – Connect to Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Macs using Bluetooth (Bluetooth requires Sonic Logic Central to be running on your mac – download from
  • MIDI layering – Control multiple MIDI destinations from a single knob. Perform complex controls with a single knob rotation!

Visit for more information, videos, DAW presets and more…

Knob Lab is free.

Sinetology by Mood481

This track was created using a loop of a pure sine wave which was warped by SECTOR and filtered through Sliver, AudioMastering and AUFX:Space.

Get the SoundCloud app to listen on your iDevice.

PoD vs Sokpupit: Hacksaw by pantsofdeath

Another piece of train music, this time with the aid of my good friend SokPupit… he did the Figure bits and I did the Nanostudio/Eden bits…

Get the SoundCloud app to listen on your iDevice.

Cover Mounted Novelty FlexiDisc by apapdop

Uploaded with AudioShare app – One-shot recording of iElectribe Gorillaz Edition jam session.

Get the SoundCloud app to listen on your iDevice.

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