0 comments on “Audiobus jam #9 (sΥllables)”

Audiobus jam #9 (sΥllables)

0 comments on “Just a little slightly random bit of Jasuto”

Just a little slightly random bit of Jasuto

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JamStik Re-Mash-Up 20 sec (video)

I liked that. Very cool indeed.

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e-l-s-a update

Here’s what’s new with e-l-s-a:

  • Adding new alternative dark colour scheme.
  • Adding microphone monitor switch (mic > speaker playthrough).
  • Adding audio bus record button in toolbar.
  • Adding slide to pre note shift buttons.
  • Improving memory usage.
  • Minor bug fixes.

0 comments on “DXi FM synthesizer now supports IAA”

DXi FM synthesizer now supports IAA

Here’s what’s new with DXi FM synthesizer:

  • Supported Inter-app audio
  • Added Master Volume setting
  • Fixed bugs

0 comments on “SECTOR has an update too”

SECTOR has an update too

Here’s what’s new with SECTOR:

  • Fix rare crash at startup if connected to network
  • Fix previewing of reversed warps
  • Let CLR-warp put a linear warp at 100% in first slot
  • Get project name from Audiobus preset loading
  • Allow M/S/W labels at memory slots to be tapped for quick switch of tabs
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

0 comments on “MultitrackStudio for iPad gets on the bus and more”

MultitrackStudio for iPad gets on the bus and more

Here’s what’s new with MultitrackStudio for iPad:

  • Audiobus support (acts as output in Audiobus app).
  • Additional MIDI Clock output options to sync apps.
  • Editors: ‘Select All’ button is now ‘Sel’, offers Select All/Select Right/Unselect Right options.
  • Tempo editor: added up/down buttons in Edit pane.
  • Click track: bar accents are more pronounced.
  • Some bug fixes.

0 comments on “What’s your app of the week?”

What’s your app of the week?

What’s the app that’s been most useful or the most inspiring this week? Or maybe just the app that’s been your work horse for the last few days. Tell me which one it is and why.
0 comments on “What’s your favourite SoundCloud group?”

What’s your favourite SoundCloud group?

I’ve been posting a variety of the SoundCloud groups that I like, but of course I don’t know every mobile related group. So, if there are groups that you’d like me to mention or just think are full of wonderful tracks please do let me know.
0 comments on “What’s you fav app and what do you want from it?”

What’s you fav app and what do you want from it?

So, which app is keeping you busy right now and what would you really like to see it get updated with? What’s the feature you really want to see? Comment it in and here.
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