Audiobus jam #9 (sΥllables)

Just a little slightly random bit of Jasuto

JamStik Re-Mash-Up 20 sec (video)

I liked that. Very cool indeed.

e-l-s-a update

Here’s what’s new with e-l-s-a:

  • Adding new alternative dark colour scheme.
  • Adding microphone monitor switch (mic > speaker playthrough).
  • Adding audio bus record button in toolbar.
  • Adding slide to pre note shift buttons.
  • Improving memory usage.
  • Minor bug fixes.

DXi FM synthesizer now supports IAA

Here’s what’s new with DXi FM synthesizer:

  • Supported Inter-app audio
  • Added Master Volume setting
  • Fixed bugs

SECTOR has an update too

Here’s what’s new with SECTOR:

  • Fix rare crash at startup if connected to network
  • Fix previewing of reversed warps
  • Let CLR-warp put a linear warp at 100% in first slot
  • Get project name from Audiobus preset loading
  • Allow M/S/W labels at memory slots to be tapped for quick switch of tabs
  • Minor tweaks and improvements

MultitrackStudio for iPad gets on the bus and more

Here’s what’s new with MultitrackStudio for iPad:

  • Audiobus support (acts as output in Audiobus app).
  • Additional MIDI Clock output options to sync apps.
  • Editors: ‘Select All’ button is now ‘Sel’, offers Select All/Select Right/Unselect Right options.
  • Tempo editor: added up/down buttons in Edit pane.
  • Click track: bar accents are more pronounced.
  • Some bug fixes.

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