Ukulele Toolkit 3.x Overview

EUM Ukulele Toolkit is a collection of inspiring tools for aspiring ukulele players:

  1. Pro-level Tuner, it keeps your ukulele always in tune.
  2. Metronome, like a traditional metronome but extremely accurate.
  3. Strum Patterns, helps you to lean how to strum.
  4. Drum Loops, jam along with 116 loops.
  5. Scales, with 108 different styles from Jazz to Japanese bravo your improvised solo.
  6. Interactive chord diagrams, shows you one chord in different frets.
  7. Circle of Fifths, sort chords by circle of fifths, searching chords never been such easy.
  8. Transporter, want to transpose G major to another key? Transporter makes everything easier.
  9. Backward chord search, tells you the name of chord you spontaneously discovered.
  10. Chord Progression, lean and play along with best-selected chord progressions.
  11. Left-handed supported.
  12. Capo, helps you search and lean chords under capos.
  13. Changeable A4, tired to play songs under A4=440Hz? You can change it with Ukulele Toolkit.
  14. 3 Tunings, Ukulele Toolkit supports Tenor, Soprano and Baritone tuning.

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