hearEQ: Ear training for musicians, engineers, and audio lovers from Ten Kettles on Vimeo.

For sound engineers, musicians, and other audio lovers, knowing how to use an equalizer, or EQ, can transform the quality of your sound—whether you’re mixing a recording, a live event, or simply want the best from your home stereo.

With hearEQ, you select a song from your device, experiment with different EQ settings, then start your training session. Our short, customizable training exercises for iPhone or iPad let you test and develop your EQ skills on your very own tracks.

hearEQ is a simple app with a powerful promise: if you learn how each frequency band sounds—like which frequencies make a track boomy or crystal clear—then you can make equalization work wonders for your sound. hearEQ can make that learning happen.

It looks pretty good to me for only $0.99.

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