Mastering on iPad – Mastering Rock and Pop with Positive Grid Final Touch (Part 9)

Korg Gadget Contest 5: Sinking Feeling The Body & Soul (Sunken Soul Remix GadgetContest)

OP-SCHOOL 09: Pattern

OP-1s (on eBay)

Korg Gadget Contest 6: TAJIMAX Gadget World Tour (TAJIMAX remix)

Handy iOS music making twitter list

Here’s a useful list for iOS music making from John Holland. I’ll post more of these as I find them.

Korg Gadget 7: Shape Down (Mulperi Gadget Remix)

Virtual ANS v2.2 is on the way

Here’s what’s coming in 2.2:

  • improved audio import quality;
  • multi-core support for audio import;
  • new high quality audio import mode – Filter Bank; you can enable it in the Settings -> Sound Quality -> Rec.Quality;
  • new effect: Gamma Correction;
  • PhonoPaper export;
  • bugs fixed.

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