Winner of Korg’s Gadget contest: The Body & Soul – Moor Hertz

guitarism crosses 1 million downloads!


Korg Gadget contest No.2 Silver: Our Cities (RonoTron Uplifting Remix)

Maria’s littleBits Submission

Well done to Maria for her submission in the littleBits contest! That’s just awesome! I wish her all the best with it.

Korg Gadget contest: No.3 Bronze – soltec / Shape Down – Celebrate your shape Remix by SOLTEC – {FINAL VERSION}

transient – sine out (made with a single sine wave)

I always have to post something made with Bhajis Loop.

Korg Gadget Contest: 4. jpshoji / Gadget World Tour (jpshoji remix -made by KORG Gadget)

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