That was a week, here are the highlights …

So it’s that time again, or a little later than that time to be honest, but still, here are the highlights from the last week, one day at a time.


  • First thing on Monday we got Wotja, a new social music app from Intermorphic, it’s free and it lets you turn text into sounds and share it. Lots of details here.
  • We get to hear what’s coming in Genome 2.0 via SoundCloud
  • And a first listen to what GrooveCloud are up to
  • Key In arrived giving you audio in and MIDI out
  • And finally, there was a great video from DigiEnsemble on the making of a performance, which is well worth watching


  • midiSequencer 1.5 is a really big update
  • vidiBox arrived with Audiobus built in and MIDI too (tutorials 1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • One of my fav drum machines, FunkBox, got a huge update with state saving and loads more
  • We hear about new sharing options coming to Figure soon
  • We hear a really good new album made in iOS from Kaz Mashino, it’s worth checking it out
  • There’s something new on the way from new app developer Auxy, but not much that anyone can say as yet
  • Not content with version 1.5, the developer of midiSequencer starts to outline the next features that are planned for the app



  • Well Thursday was a quiet day as well but iVCS3 went up to version 1.1 and it was a big release too 


  • Friday was quiet too. What a week, but there was this great video of vidiBox.


  • Apart from my mostly regular round up of SoundCloud tracks I also posted this video / track, made by me

So it was a bit of a strange week I think, but still interesting stuff popping up all over the place. Let’s see what next week brings. Surprises I’m sure.

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