This is my 3rd composition using the Korg DS-10 or DS-10 plus for my entire project using my Nintendo Dsi-xl. I wanted this one to make extensive use of the 8 drum tracks that are available in the plus and it’s really a very percussive drum composition. In fact I wasn’t going to use the snyths at all but they were too tempting. There is NO external fx used of any kind except for what is used in the DS-10 program. I recorded the audio from the DS-10 into the iPad mini2 via the ligthning to usb adaptor from the Behringer UCA-222 Stereo audio/digital interface into the iPad program called Auria. I audio copy and pasted the stereo track into the Mastering app by Igor Vasiliev and then uploaded it straight into Soundcloud. The composition makes heavy use of the incredible note panning available in the DS-10. Hope you like it!

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