Isfahan – اصفهان That half-open amber eye fixed on you, the woman in the kitchen half turning to you — drowsy tonight, you take in the angles of chairs, walls, old photos, a painted vase. There, a heron’s stillness helps it vanish, wading by a wind-flecked lake. Outside, car-noise glistening after early rain. Night’s silence builds its inner ear. So birds croak from a cracked, green bush, the mouth’s distortion roars into an amulet, but nothing distinguishes each memory, solidified into a white-domed zone: a set of blocks along a slope, a fossil trace, kitchen clatter acquires a blinder shape. Its time is ridged like wind-blown sea. Suddenly lit up, cat’s-eyes down a moonless road. Made with Figure for iOS. Don’t have Figure yet? It’s a fun, easy and bargain-priced music making app that anyone can use! Read about it here:

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