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iVCS3 1.1 is massive!

What a superb update for iVCS3. Here’s what’s new:

  • iOs SDK 7.1 update
  • Audiobus 2.0 sdk update
  • Audiobus State Saving
  • AudioCopy sdk update
  • Dropbox sdk update
  • Cubasis freeze audio fixed
  • New Midi Program Change for Presets select
  • arm64 update
  • New, VCO’s afford the FM full range
  • New, Filter’s afford the FM full range
  • New, Output Channels afford AM full range
  • New, VCO3 waves, improved as the original
  • Joystick now work even outside the area
  • New, In-App print manual
  • Up to 100 new built-in presets
  • New, Filter Glide parameter
  • New, setting for hide UI flashing
  • Filter resonance improved
  • DSP performance optimisation
  • AudioCopy SDK update
  • IAA Keyboard range extended full range
  • Minimum Sequencer steps now is two
  • Scope time scale improved
  • Minor UI improvements

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Korg & BeatClub

This is such a great idea, it should be done in lots more places, in fact everywhere, and well done to Korg for supporting it.

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AUFX: Dub also updated with state saving

AUFX:Dub gets the same treatment as the other apps in the series:

  • Support Audiobus2 with state saving
  • Improve IAA stability
  • Link Audiobus filter bypass toggle with in-app toggle
  • Fix Audiobus filter slot latency correction
  • Fix VoiceOver accessibility

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DrumPerfect 1.0.2 arrives

Here’s what’s new:

  • All-in-one grid view for easy drum pattern setup.
  • Choking strokes to choke an instrument.
  • Copy/Merge function to create new rhythms by combining existing ones.
  • Easy auditioning of samples.
  • More sample patterns.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

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Korg Gadget – Helsinki (video)

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MIRA update

Cycling 74’s Max controller gets a little update:

  • Faster patch loading time and increased stability.
  • Upgrades for 7.1
  • App icon fixed for iOS 5.1

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Prodigy on the bus

Prodigy is the latest app to get on the bus.

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Korg Gadget – Kiev (video)

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Symphony Pro 3.5.4 arrives

Symphony Pro 3.5.4 brings fixes and enhancements:

  • When using the Continuous Scroll option, the clef and key are now shown as an overlay
  • Improvements to user interface smoothness and responsiveness
  • Redesigned navigation ruler, document list view, and other UI elements
  • Improved readability when transcribing a rhythm using the Record feature
  • Fixes crash when entering a note to a tablature staff when an active track was set
  • Stopping a recording before the end of the current measure works appropriately
  • Page numbers are shown in standard format
  • Cues and tuplets are now groupable with normal notes
  • Transposing staffs are now exported to XML
  • Additional stability issues when exporting to XML are addressed
  • iOS 6/7 backwards compatibility
  • Fixes issue where having a slash (“/”) in the title caused the project to be unsavable
  • Fixes issue where part names could not be saved properly in some instances
  • Metronome track presents completely dry sound, independent of reverb level.
  • Metronome track is included in AAC export (if metronome is on)
  • Fixes exit to Home Screen that occurs when loading a project containing certain instruments
  • Sequences of notes containing accidentals spread across octaves, but with same pitch class, are repeated as appropriate
  • Fixes extremely common crashes when importing through Musescore
  • 20+ notational rendering improvements

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Korg Gadget – Phoenix (video)

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