midiSequencer 1.5 is a huge update …

This is a huge update for midiSequencer. Here’s what version 1.5 brings us:

Major Enhancements:

  • Completely rewritten to use MidiBus library to get rock solid midi clock, messages and OMAC & enable future features (e.g. sysex & MTC).
  • Now have 4 optional & independant midi controllers per step.
  • Improved graphic performance on most controls & app switching (50% less CPU).
  • Device panel allowing individual device(network, virtual, midi interface or app) setting of active(on/off), midi clock(active) & latency.
  • Latency per interface from 0 to 1000ms for manual synchronisation control on external equipment and slow apps
  • File save/load/rename/delete of working bank = named file of 20 snapshots + user entered description
  • Skip buttons brings up moveable panel for easy changes during play
  • Introduced note conform to scales (chromatic, major & harmonic minor ascending) with enharmonic note names.
  • Increased gate% to 400 to allow extended note on (and therefore overlapping note play, longer/shorter ornaments etc)
  • Clock multipler – now shows all 4 options at once for multiples.
  • Ability to draw controls using swipe and instant place using double tap (both optional via settings).
  • Banks can be shared via email and managed externally via iTunes file sharing.

Minor Enhancements:

  • Clock multiplier keeps same (if possible) tempo – will clamp to max in range(0-255,0-510 in steps of 2, etc)
  • Performance rollout panel (invert key rotary and ornaments on/off & snapshot load)
  • Added new ornaments: Acciaccatura, 2 & 5 tuplets (so now have 1,2,3,4,5 repeated notes in one step interval possible).
  • Midi enabled & device rollout at launch (use Settings to disable this if you wish)
  • Randomise controls option to restrict to within current min/max range(i.e randomise between top & bottom control values shown)
  • Nudge Left & Right now rotate sequence even during play or delayed until cycle reset
  • Transition from NoteTime/StepTime during play virtually seamless.
  • Ornaments ignored if BPM>=200
  • Loop type now picked from list
  • Tempo set with slider and decrement buttons always >0 to stop accidental stopping. Use Stop button for this.

Main Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bounce* logic with R & Rx resets
  • x in noteTime was halting sequence
  • Removed audio glitch in other audio apps when switching to background mode
  • sequencer no longer suspended after a few minutes when in background mode
  • Ornaments now use music scale tones rather than semitones
  • Improved control selection especially when near buttons for ipad mini

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