LEMUR MORPH BOARD Preset And Morph Lemur Utility

Video description:

What is the Lemur Morph Board?

Morph Board is a free tool designed to make it easy to store, recall and morph presets on Liine’s Lemur app for the iPad.

With Morph Board , you can store up to 16 presets and morph between them without the need for any scripting knowledge, it currently supports up to 256 objects of the objets listed below (the supported object’s list may change in future updates):

Single Multislider
Single Switch
Custom Button

To get a quick idea of what Morph Board can bring to your workflow,We have this video to explain how it works.

Board Morph was a control utility to use internally at twisted tools to streamline our worflow for sound design/control tasks, but we thought it would be useful for other Lemur users.

We hope it will be useful and will inspire you to create some new sounds

The template can be found here.

Lemur on the app store:

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