FunkBox Drum Machine 3.4 brings AB2 State Saving, IAA, and loads more too

I had been wondering what had happened to FunkBox Drum Machine, and now I don’t need to. One of my favourite drum machine apps just got a whole lot better. Just take a look at what’s in this amazing update:

  • iOS 7.1 compatible
  • Inter-App audio compatible
    • instrument and generator modes supported
    • host timeline sync for easy, tight sequenced loops
    • optional host timing tweak for Garageband, Auria, Beatmaker, Cubase
    • MIDI in note support for host sequencing
    • remote host transport controls included
  • Audiobus 2 compatible
    • state saving of current box, including custom boxes
    • new triggers for pattern up and pattern down
  • Overall volume has been increased, if you have many parts playing at max volume at the same time you may want to lower your overall volume to avoid clipping
  • “Open In…” added to audio export menu, also includes AirDrop support
  • iTunes folder option added to MIDI export menu
  • Swing available in external MIDI sync mode
  • MIDI Continue and MIDI Song Position message support
  • MIDI Clock has been tightened up, more clock improvements coming
  • Various other interface tweaks and bug fixes

If that wasn’t enough Synthetic Bits go on to say …  “More of your requests are coming, thanks for your support!”

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