Clusters by kymatica (something new coming from kymatica?)

It sounds, lovely, but what is this going to be? All it says is …

“Microtonal ambient drone. First experiments with something new… processed through AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub.”

In case you missed it from yesterday … Intermorphic bring us Wotja!

It looks like it could be fun, turning text into sharable music. You can find my original post on the app here

Reminder: Microview still on kickstarter

I thought I’d remind you about this one as it is completely awesome. That is if you’re into Arduino tinkering and stuff

Something is coming, from Auxy …

Something new on the way from Auxy. Can’t say what it is as yet though …

DJ Beatsnatcher – My DJ setup (DJ Player app, Midifighter 3D, Traktor Audio 2)

Video Description:

“This is a short overview of my DJ setup consisting of an iPad air, Midifighter 3D and N.I Traktor Audio 2 soundcard.

I was 12 years old when I was putting erasers and coins on my parents turntable to beatmatch with the cassette deck. 14 when I started playing on Technics 1210. 17 when I switched to CDJs. 23 when I traded physical media for MP3s, laptop and MIDI controllers and this year, at the age of 35 I traded in the laptop for the iPad and started getting really creative.”

Bastl units ready to ship


Sonic Touch 30 – Final Touch and AudioBus 2

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