Something new from Intermorphic: Wotja: Text to Tunes & Music – Easily Make, Share & Play a Fun Music Greeting!

The guys from Intermorphic never sit still. Now they’ve brought us Wotja, something quite different from Mixtikl and Noatikl, something fun and with a broad audience I think.

Here’s what they say about it:

Feel like making a tune or a melody? As a new kind of “inmo” musical instrument, enter text and let Wotja create one for you – no musical knowledge is required, and you can have hours of fun! Share your tune and message by tweeting, emailing, facebooking or even instant messaging it as a “wotja URL”.

Each tune is generated from the first 101 characters you enter, and these can be in any language (and even include Emoji), meaning lots of room for fun – so experiment away. See what tune you get when you enter a name, greeting, message, website address, equation, numbers, emoji or a lyric, poem or haiku etc. The creative and possibilities are endless.

There is also a wide range of options for you to personalize your creation, such as selecting the sounds, fx, backing and colours you want it to use, as well as whether you want it just to play as music or to also be read out (text to speech [TTS]).

It’s simple and free to use – so download it now!

Key Screen = Personalise:

  • Select a Player (sounds – 22 at launch) and set its level and Echo and Reverb levels
  • Select a Backing track (beats or ambiences – 12 at launch) and set its level
  • Choose to have the text spoken, and select the locale (e.g. accent), pitch, rate and level
  • Select the display Theme colour, Style and Animation
  • Set the Tempo and Root

Key Screen = Refine:

  • Choose the type of Echo and Reverb you want to use
  • Set the Speech style : Speak, Sing or Chant
  • Change how the Tune is phased and if you want Wotja to Improvise after the tune is played

* Playback requires a user to have Wotja installed.
** It is your choice if you decide to share a wotja, so make sure you don’t infringe the copyright of others.

Wotja creation and Wotja URL sharing are ad-supported.

More info, user guide etc:

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• If you wish to have a personal response to any feedback or problem then please do submit it via the wotja contact form or Thank you so much for your support and reviews! Tim & Pete

Wotja is free on the app store, give it a go …

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