Apps on Stage – DigiEnsemble Berlin: Behind the Scenes / BMW SIA 2013

This short documentary by Andrea Wieczorek and Lukasz Fabijanczyk gives an insight into the musician’s preparation for their performance on stage. Of course, technical problems and the quest for the perfect sound play a central role, but also if the musicians themselves can hear properly on stage, as they will play live without playback.

Playing an authentic and dynamic performance turned out to be the most difficult part of performing with apps on stage. Motion and choreography are a crucial part of that. Music apps don’t turn into in instrument by a simple “touch” — motion sensors and an expression pedal, which controls the volume, can create a dynamic sound. And last but not least: The musicians also do not want to come across as a bunch of computer nerds, as well…

“Apps on Stage” shows snippets from the DigiEnsemble Berlin’s everyday life on tour to Munich and reveal problems and details that have to be taken into account when making music with Apps on stage. More shows and information about the DigiEnsemble Berlin can be accessed here:

Key In (universal) arrives and could be a very useful tool indeed

Key In finds the musical scale that best fits incoming audio, and then sends out midi notes in that scale when you touch the screen.

To do anything interesting, Key In needs to be run alongside another app that can receive midi messages and do something with them, e.g. synthesize sounds or save your performance.

The app is priced at $1.99

M3000 tape store now in place, plus a special free tape

It was a shame that Omenie had a few difficult days with the M3000 tape store, but it’s all fine now I hear (according to this blog post) and now there’s a free tape in the store too.

Knob lab sounding like a real ‘must have’


iVCS3 Group on SoundCloud …

iVCS3 app on the app store:

MIDI Designer template for Echo Pad

This could be very useful if you’re a user of both MIDI Designer and Echo Pad and need to ability to control the latter.

Via the Audiobus forum.

GrooveCloud – Mini Progressive House

A small Progressive House clip made in GrooveCloud Alpha.

Screenshot of vidibox interface


Genome 2.0 Test #2

I actually posted this on Saturday, but I thought it was well worth posting again as it really looks (sounds) like Genome is coming along with the whole modular audio thing, and that’s great to know as it is still one of my favourite MIDI sequencers for iPad.

Bastl Instruments keeping busy


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