ILRemote update arrives

ILRemote gets a new update:

  • New “trackpad” pad mode – Use ILRemote as a virtual trackpad to control your computer’s mouse (requires FL 11.1 or later)
  • New “shortcut” pad mode – Send any keyboard shortcut to FL Studio and Deckadance (requires FL 11.1 or later)
  • New “breath” controller – Control a parameter using the device’s microphone
  • Containers – Controls can now be dragged in and out of containers
  • Fonts – New font size setting for control labels
  • Power management – Added a battery level indicator
  • Custom scale editor – Has been moved to the layout settings, and is now usable with both the keyboard and the harmonic grid
  • MIDI – Channel selection for accelerometers
  • Mixer – Improved scrolling: tap and drag to select the track range more precisely
  • Fix – Returning to the home screen even if “cancel” was pressed
  • Piano – New piano roll shortcuts presets
  • Bugs n stuff – Various fixes and improvements

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