Did you miss it? Audiobus 2 has arrived for your iDevice, and it’s pretty awesome

In case you missed it from earlier, Audiobus 2 has arrived and the long wait is over.

Audiobus 2 introduces a brand new interface and a number of significant new features:

  • New Multi-Routing feature (In-App Purchase) allows unlimited connections and effect chaining.
  • Presets let you save and share connections and the settings of the individual apps within your Audiobus workflow.
  • Multi-channel input hardware support.
  • New hardware latency controls

iPad Music App SECTOR (video)

Image-Line Remote | 1.2 Update What’s New? (video)

triqtraq – realtime sampling jam (video)

Audio Mastering 2.4 arrives

With a great bunch of updates and improvements. Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved Stereo Imaging module.
  • New visualization tools for Stereo Imaging.
  • Added reduction level meters for Compressor.
  • Low and High cut filters in Equalizer.
  • Added new presets manager.
  • Copy, paste, email and share presets.
  • Built-in description updated.
  • Bug fixes.

Analog Midi Sequencer | Tony Saunders – a demo by Alba Ecstasy

Vio as an Effect in Audiobus 2 (video)

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