This is probably the last bus route I’ll post like this, so here it is, I had a lot of fun with this one …

Here’s the current list of apps that will support AB2 state saving

So here’s the list I got from the AB forum. It’s not bad, and I expect there will be a flurry of additions in the days after AB2 lands. But for now, here it is:

So not too long to wait to use them now!

Presets in Audiobus 2

Studio 2 expands its sharing options

Studio 2 updates and with a bunch of new sharing options …

  • YouTube Sharing Now Available
  • FaceBook Sharing Now Available
  • SoundCloud Sharing Now Available

And it’s still currently free

Sonoma Wire Works Musikmesse Wrap Up

Some more great pictures from Sonoma Wire Works and a great write up of their time at Musikmesse this year.

Audiobus 2, nearly here … State Saving in Audiobus 2

Cubasis 1.8 update – Automation sneak preview (you have to watch this, it’s awesome)

Now that’s looking pretty amazing. I know that this is what we’ve all been waiting for in Cubasis.

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