Echo, a music game for your iPhone

When the developer of Echo contacted me he actually said that he realised that I don’t normally post about games, but that Echo was a bit different. So, I tried it, online (here), and actually it was pretty cool, so I decided that this was worth sharing, so here are the details:

Echo is a new kind of music game: part puzzle, part instrument.

In this unique puzzler, solve your way through individual tracks of a song. Perfect the part and earn the ability to remix that track.

Echo Features:

  • 20 challenging stages of original music
  • Novel puzzle mechanic
  • Avoid collisions
  • Create original music
  • Fast drag and drop interface
  • Hundreds of samples
  • Exciting near-misses
  • Simple loop-based composition tool
  • Ability to perform completed songs and remixes
  • Addictive and rewarding

In Depth:

Echo challenges the player to match a given pattern by placing pieces relative to the board’s walls. Hit play then watch and listen as the pieces bounce off the walls to make loops. The loops combine to make tracks and tracks combine to make songs. The challenge is to match the pattern without the pieces crashing into each other as they cross paths.

Echo isn’t only puzzles, it’s also a powerful music creation tool. Perfecting a track unlocks the ability to remix that part. In remix mode, use the loop-based game mechanic to create your own patterns with the track’s samples. No need to worry about collisions! Remix a track or the entire songs and then perform it by soloing and muting tracks during playback.

You’ll gain a new depth of musical knowledge after spending hours solving and creating intricate musical patterns. No musical experience required!

* Echo is designed for iPhones 4S and newer

And Echo is priced at only $0.99.

Billie Jean on a Qunexus (Korg Gadget and Sunrizer)

Video description:

“My humble recreation of the music video, moonwalking my fingers all over my new Keith McMillen Qunexus.

Everything was programmed in Korg Gadget, except the lead. Gadget still doesn’t receive pitch bend or mod cc, so I used Sunrizer for the lead. Enjoy!”

Korg Gadget on the app store:

OP-1 Sketch Sequencer Logo Creation

I might have to try that out myself.

Find OP-1s on eBay

Discchord now rebranding as apps for cats

So, it had to happen at some point, Tim at Discchord has completely lost it and decided to rebrand his site as the go to site for cat apps. Well, I did see it coming if I’m honest, and I wish him all the best with his new venture. I’m sure we’ll all be reading it daily!

Wow, Line6 completely take it to the next level with PickBot technology

You absolutely have to see this if you’re a guitarist, or even if you’re not!

iMini gets a nice MIDI boost

iMini gets what seems to be a minor update, just saying “Improves external midi support”, but according to users it’s a big improvement with no more stuck notes etc.

Excellent news.

Music Studio: Rock Beat

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