Musikmesse 2014: Saying hello to EUMLab

It was great to meet up with the guys from EUMLab at Musikmesse this year. Of the 2000 or so exhibitors at the show this year they were one of the few iOS app only booths. For me that made them stand out if there products didn’t do so already, and they do.

If you don’t know EUMLab they make a range of great apps for you iDevice:

Pro Metronome – Beat with Sound and Light
iUke – Ukulele Song Book
Guitar Toolkit – Tuner, Metronome, Scales, Chords and Progressions
Ukulele Toolkit – Tuner, Metronome and Chord Diagrams

Actually that isn’t even a complete list, they make more apps than that, but I’m only going to focus on a couple for now, Pro Metronome and Ukulele Toolkit.

When I visited their stand Shawn from EUMLab took me through both of these apps. Now, generally speaking I wouldn’t really go for these kinds of apps. You’ve probably noticed that as I generally don’t mention metronomes and guitar tuner apps or similar. However, I’ve made an exception for both of these apps as I actually think they’re pretty special and worth mentioning.

Shawn took me through their Pro Metronome app which has just loads of features in it, too many to mention here to be fair to the app and to EUMLab. In fact the same is true of Ukulele Toolkit which was of special interest to me as an occasional Ukulele player.

It was great to see an app only booth at the show and I wish EUMLab all the best with their apps. You’ll be hearing more about them I’m sure, and not just from me.

SECTOR 1.0 is here

Here’s what’s new in SECTOR 1.0:


  • Automatic micro-fades to avoid clicks (see SND menu)
  • Send MIDI clock sync (see MIDI config in PRJ menu)
  • Support for Audiobus2 and state saving
  • Recording of results, quantized with sample accuracy
  • Recordings can be loaded back as a loop, exported to AudioShare, AudioCopied, or opened in other app
  • New loops by Richard Devine, Sonic Mayhem, Arovane, and Sunsine Audio
  • Share projects by email or send to other apps like Dropbox
  • Allow decoupling of tempo and sample playback rate
  • Preview selected sector or warp while stopped
  • Main volume slider and oscilloscope display
  • AudioPaste for importing loops
  • Add RND/CLR/CPY/PST buttons for WRP
  • Four memory slots also for WRP
  • Copy/paste memory slots (long-press)
  • Preview samples and recordings
  • Toggle to follow IAA host play/stop
  • Bundled users guide (see PRJ menu)


  • Added more warp shapes
  • New design for memory slots, show all simultaneously
  • Read BPM from filename to calculate number of beats
  • Split the menu into improved PRJ and SND menus
  • New demo projects by Kymatica and Sunsine Audio
  • Tap the Speed label in the SND menu to reset to original BPM
  • Display ‘invisible’ warp slot probability
  • Store currently selected memory slot in project
  • Store assigned manual trigger buttons in project
  • Fix loading of soundfiles that are not 44.1kHz
  • Auto-normalize samples, fixes occasional clipping
  • Don’t auto-select warp slot when changing probability
  • Fix occasional overflow bug in buffer player logic
  • Improve level peak metering
  • Resample sequencer pattern when changing number of sectors
  • Show number next to shapes in warp menu
  • Fix “Amenbreak B”, was the same as “Amenbreak” (full length)
  • Confirm before new/load project if there are unsaved changes
  • Sort by bpm or name in soundfile tables
  • Keep current MAP/SEQ/WRP tab open when loading project
  • Many other minor tweaks and fixes

Echo Pad adds state saving for Audiobus 2, and MIDI in the latest version

Here’s what’s new with Echo Pad:

Audiobus 2 state saving!

  • Save effect parameters inside Audiobus 2, allowing you to save, recall, and share custom Echo Pad settings using new Audiobus 2 presets.
  • Create awesome effects by combining with our other apps Stereo Designer and Swoopster, which also support state saving in Audiobus 2.
  • Requires Audiobus 2.0 app. Visit

MIDI Control

  • Echo Pad can now be controlled from external MIDI controllers, Virtual MIDI, and Network connections.

MIDI Clock sync

  • Echo Pad can now sync to external MIDI clock for beat synced delays. Simply tap the MIDI Sync button to enable/disable receiving MIDI clock via Virtual MIDI, Network, or USB.

IAA Clock sync from supporting Inter-app audio hosts

  • Sync is automatically enabled when Echo Pad detects it has connected to an IAA host that sends tempo. *This feature is only supported in IAA hosts such as Auria and Cubasis.
  • Choose “Echo Pad (Midi)” in supporting hosts.

(re)Introducing the Delay Tweak panel

  • Here’s the story… the Delay Tweak panel was actually added over 6 months ago in an update, but I failed miserably in making people aware of its existence! I’m a dingus, sorry about that.
  • Tap the FX menu button, then tap Delay Tweak to access the panel.

UI Tweaks

  • Options menu tweaks
  • cleaner layout

The Ebow and using it with an iPad, Demo and Tutorial

MIDI Designer Pro 1.6.1 has a lot in it

Here’s what’s new with the latest release of MIDI Designer Pro:


  • Octave Transpose and (step) transpose
  • Two new button types: Send All and Reset to Defaults
  • Config Options:
  • Output throttle option reworked to be more effective (layout-wide)
  • Global Preset Send All forces presets to send values even if they are not changes (layout-wide)
  • Option to shut off high-precision sliders in Config
  • New design options (per control)
  • Option to disable MIDI Receive for individual controls
  • Option to force high precision sliders on per control
  • Newsletter signup
  • New version check


  • Exiting design mode now instant
  • Saving presets is now instant
  • Saving presets for groups is now instant


  • Updates to build-in layouts (Casio XW and Antares AT-200)
  • Fixed “Button Off Set This to Default” for NRPN 14-bit
  • Fixed NRPN 7- and 14-bit receive “overflow” issue
  • Now, bank change and program change ALWAYS send out in Control Lists, even if the value is unchanged
  • Fixed bugs for Default Value Picker
  • Fixed log for leading zeroes
  • Fixes for Custom Color for One Big Page
  • Fixed Add Control panel for iPhone/iPod touch
  • Fixed Extra CC & Hold delete-crash bug
  • Bug with pickers showing “Default” instead of “—“
  • Fixed File Save box text cursor
  • Removed automatic send all of FIRST layout loaded

Musikmesse 2014: Say hello to the Anode

The meeblip anode is a lovely little machine, and when I say little I mean small. It’s tiny, but it doesn’t sound tiny at all.

Rehearsal with David Campbell and Richard Wilkins on The Today Show

Final Touch Professional Mastering App For iPad, Demo

Musikmesse 2014: Numark Orbit

It’s possibly a little unfair to give a view on this device, especially as I wasn’t actually able to play with it at all, just handled it. All I can say is it felt very light in my hand.

ANI plays two C.24 prototype keyboards

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