Musikmesse 2014: Great to see Sonoma Wire Works at the show

Having known Sonoma Wire Works for some years now it was great to meet them all for the first time face to face at Musikmesse.

Sonoma have been doing really cool things with the iPhone and the iPad from the very earliest days of iOS (before it was called iOS of course) and are continuing to do so as well. They launched the very first 4 track recorder for iOS, called, FourTrack (app store link), and the first iPad 8 track too, called StudioTrack (app store link). If that wasn’t enough, they launched a great range of drum apps called the InstantDrummer series, were one of the main forces behind the original AudioCopy initiative and brought us the original GuitarJack, am immensely high quality iPhone audio interface before these things had really entered anyone else’s head.

So, in my view, they’re a pretty impressive force, and they’ve contributed a great deal to the iOS music making world. So it was great to meet Sonoma Wire Works and chat about what’s coming next. Of course, as you can imagine, I can’t say much about their future plans, but I can say that there’s some great things coming from this long time support of the mobile musician.

And it’s great to see Sonoma’s hardware on display at Musikmesse. From where they started with the original GuitarJack and the Tayor EQ and GuitarTone apps, things have come a long way indeed. They’re on the third iteration of the GuitarJack, the new GuitarJack USB model and it’s just as good if not better than the previous too. You’ll be hearing more from me about it in good time. As you can see there are some new versions of their hardware, Guitar Jack Stage.

Here’s Daniel talking about it:

Of course I can’t mention Sonoma Wire Works without saying that they turned 11 years old this year! Congratulations, and here’s to many more years of innovation in both software and hardware.

Figure Addicted have their own web app

Yep, you can find the Figure Addicted Web app right here.

“BOOM! 808” Drum Machine App Demo – Sweetwater’s iOS Update Vol. 68

"BOOM! 808" Drum Machine App Demo – Sweetwater’s iOS Update Vol. 68

Fantastic news for users of the excellent AUFX series


Introducing littleBits Wireless Modules

Oh help my wallet!

Pollisynth update is coming, but this isn’t it

Pollisynth doesn’t get an actual update, but …

  • We just realized that iOS 7 broke Pollisynth!
  • We repaired it, but stay tuned for an actual update coming soon!

Cell phone evolution in one go

Zenotron – Mystery Circuits modified Bleep Labs Nebulophone

I love that people do this kind of thing. It’s great!

Video description:

Zenotron – Built for my friend Zeno in 2014. Case was built from an old modem, the “monitor” is a filmstrip viewer cut in half. Keys come from some toy piano with each key activating a tactile switch. Micro joystick (Parallax brand) controls arpeggio rate and waveform. Sound from Nebulophone clocks a 4017 based sequencer to blink the 88 LEDs mounted in a pipette box. 1/4″ output, 9VDC external power supply.

Musikmesse 2014: Close up of Korg’s new Rimpitch tuner

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