Another big week goes by, here’s what happened …

Another week another huge load of news and stuff! Here are the highlights, as it happened day by day.







  • As ever, there’s the now traditional round up of tracks from the mobile music community in my Saturday morning listen
  • Xnthesizer confirms that the iPad version will be a separate app
  • IK have a special offer on their iLoud speaker
  • Minigamagoops show up, but are they real?
  • Vio is now an Audiobus effect
  • dot Melody from the makers of Chordion is coming and looks very cool
  • And finally, you can find out what I made of the Bastl Instruments modules at Musikmesse

So there you have it. The top highlights from the last week. There was a lot in there. There’ll be more next week including continued highlights from Musikmesse that I haven’t written up as yet.

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