I wrote this song completely on the Nintendo DS-10. All of the Synth sounds were started and made from scratch!! The drums were extensively tweaked. I started it while my mom was in the hospital and then through the wireless transfer sent it to my Nintendo DSI-Xl where I then opened it in the DS-10 Plus so that I could add more tracks (that program doubles everything so I then had 4 synths and 8 drum parts!!) I then used the Behringer UCA-222 (a 30 dollar interface) to get the Stereo audio signal from the unit into my iPad mini2. I did not use song mode on the DS-10 I simply played the patterns live switching and muting tracks as needed. I recorded the song live in one take in an app called Auria. The only fx used was the PSP Micro Warmer for mixing and the the Fab Filter Pro Q for a subtle stereo enhancer. (however all the panning was done in the ds-10plus) Then it was directly uploaded to soundcloud. Hope you like it and thanks for listening!!

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