This is my second song that I have written on the Nintendo DSi-xl in a program called Korg DS-10. It’s the original version which consists of 2 synths and 4 drums (which are actually synths you can change etc) After I wrote it I played it live into my iPad mini2 using the Behrigner UCA222 digital audio interface. I recorded it in an app called Auria. The only FX was the Fab Filter Pro Q for stereo enhancement. Also I used the PSP Vintage Warmer for mixing. Then it was uploaded straight into Soundcloud. I’m really excited by these tracks as all the sounds you here were crafted from scratch (except the drums started out as basic kick, snare, hihat and tom but even those were extensively manipulated and changed) Best to listen to these tracks with head phones so you can hear the panning etc. thanks for listening!!

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