A track (almost) completed for the iPad Musician iVCS3 Monophonic Arpeggiation Challenge below… Winners get iVCS3!! -Entries must be near one minute but no more than 1.5 mins. -Entries must have two monophonic arpeggiations, each arp with its own tone. This can be bass and lead, call and response, synthesizer, guitar, etc. -These may be looped arps if you wish, but arps do not have to loop. -Entries may layer the two monophonic arps on top of one another on two tracks, and effects may be used, but if you do this you MUST also show your work and post a second link that will play each original track individually without effects. Multitrack entries without the separated effects-free “origin tracks” posted, will not be accepted. “ORIGIN TRACKS” should be in the name of your effect-free stems post to make them easy to distinguish. i think we could learn a lot about each others’ workflow. Only ios-based effects are permitted Only ios-based drums are permitted (it’s an iPad group ) SOOOOOOOOOOOO… … I chose iMini and 76 Synth for my 2 voices, and made a simple drum beat in iElectribe, which I recorded into Loopy with a bit of Audio Reverb. This loop went through Turnado a few times on some random settings I liked and then got all mixed back into itsself again in Loopy! iMini, I just found a Monophonic Arp preset I liked (deal with it) and changed it about a bit as I played until I had a nice combination of chords and a sound to suit. I chose a Random setting for the Arp note order for a touch of serendipity, then recorded a series of loops into Loopy as it played back the beats. 76 I played by hand on a patch I made with the LFO modulating the Filter quite rapidly, which sounded kinda almost sequencer-y, with delays added too. Again, I just recorded in a few rough takes into Loopy. Then I thought I should send the drum loops through 76 with the LFO now moving the filter very slowly, and with some Overdrive and Delays too – real handy little effects thing 76 Synth is, i really like it 🙂 So I made 12 loops altogether, which I mixed / DJ’d(?) in Loopy and then added MORE DELAYS with AU Dub via IAA in AudioShare, ending up with 4 minutes… I lopped off the last 1 minute 30, which convenienly corresponded to a fair representation of my “best”, fired it into Audio Mastering for some magic dust and uploaded to Soundcloud from there. I ONLY used my iPad and my Korg microKey to make and upload this, no computers, no samples, no external hardware. Thankyou for listening, I hope you enjoy it. Do comment, and also check out the other entries for the contest: My 12 ORIGINAL TRACKS: Good Luck Everyone ! 🙂

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