iVCS3 MONOPHONIC ARPEGGIATION CHALLENGE This Track was created for the iVCS3 Monophonic Arpeggiator Challenge for the iPadMusican Facebook group, based on an idea I’ve been kicking around. This is the beginning of a physical/emotional/philosophical exchange between a man and his “machine” (a smart electronic instrument), each trying to create music without being entangled in the dependency of interaction by using Attribute Dependency Technique. 76 Synthesizer (Never Be Normal) & Korg’s Berlin from Gadget. Recordings were made of 76 Synth & the Berlin using an AKAI MPK Mini (for the Arpeggiator) in AudioShare, and exported into Music Studio.The drum track was also created using Music Studio. Final mix-down to one file was done in Music Studio, and then imported to Audio Mastering. A little punch-up, (I’m still learning Mastering), and uploaded to SoundCloud. are the synth individual tracks.. Read about ADT – Notice: Each individual listener may experience this track differently.

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