S.A.M.M.I. arrives, and interesting iPad app for making experiments (which I like doing) and it’s free too

S.A.M.M.I. is an application for sound experiments and sonic formations, featuring a sequencer, drone machine and theremin.

Sequencer – including key, note range, 5 waveforms, delay, filters, release, bpm, number of beats and loading/saving patches.

Drone machine – four oscillators with 5 waveforms, frequency/note, detune, filters, LFO (controlling volume/pitch/filter), delay effect and loading/saving patches.

Theremin – including tilt/touch control, starting note/frequency, note range, interpolation/step frequency change and delay effect.

Just experiment and see what happens!

S.A.M.M.I. has been tested on iPad2+ and is supported by ads on the menu screen.

Positive Grid Bias for iPhone | Fallout | Pete Cottrell

What’s coming in SECTOR 1.0 …

This is a really long list starting with the big things:

  • Automatic micro-fades to avoid clicks (see SND menu)
  • Send MIDI clock sync (see MIDI config in PRJ menu)
  • Support for Audiobus2 and state saving
  • Recording of results, quantized to sequencer cycle
  • Recordings can be loaded back as a loop, exported to AudioShare, AudioCopied, or opened in other app
  • New loops by Richard Devine, Sonic Mayhem, Arovane, and Sunsine Audio
  • Share projects by email or send to other apps like Dropbox
  • Allow decoupling of tempo and sample playback rate
  • Preview selected sector or warp while stopped
  • Main volume slider and oscilloscope display
  • AudioPaste for importing loops
  • Add RND/CLR/CPY/PST buttons for WRP
  • Four memory slots also for WRP
  • Copy/paste memory slots (long-press)
  • Preview samples and recordings
  • Toggle to follow IAA host play/stop
  • Bundled users guide (see PRJ menu)


  • Added more warp shapes
  • New design for memory slots, show all simultaneously
  • Split the menu into improved PRJ and SND menus
  • New demo projects by Kymatica and Sunsine Audio
  • Read BPM from filename to calculate number of beats
  • Tap the Speed label in the SND menu to reset to original BPM
  • Display ‘invisible’ warp slot probability
  • Store currently selected memory slot in project
  • Store assigned manual trigger buttons in project
  • Fix loading of soundfiles that are not 44.1kHz
  • Auto-normalize samples, fixes occasional clipping
  • Don’t auto-select warp slot when changing probability
  • Fix occasional overflow bug in buffer player logic
  • Improve level peak metering
  • Resample sequencer pattern when changing n sectors
  • Show number next to shapes in warp menu
  • Fix “Amenbreak B”, was the same as “Amenbreak” (full length)
  • Confirm before new/load project if there are unsaved changes
  • Sort by bpm or name in soundfile tables
  • Keep current MAP/SEQ/WRP tab open when loading project
  • Many other minor tweaks and fixes

Upcoming synth tests (a new synth from Beep Street)

New things coming from beep street.

BeepBoop Demo and Tutorial for iPad

Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Form 2-Man Doo-Wop Group Using iPad App Loopy

Apart from being good fun this is such a great advert for making music on iDevices, and of course, specifically for Loopy!

Loopy HD on the app store:

The Beautiful Octopus Club – presented by Matt Fraser

I mentioned this event last year but I had no idea that this film had been made about it. I’m in there about halfway through the video.

Spot the apps we used too …

Me on DMT yesterday

In case you missed this from yesterday, I was on DMT talking about Musikmesse and making various comments about the music business as a whole.

Chiptunes Pro, Demo and Tutorial for iPad,Nice Circuit Board Synth

Teenage Breakfast

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