Missing something? Try catching up on all the round up posts

You can always just use the ‘round up‘ tag to check out all (or at least most) of the weekly round up posts to make sure you haven’t missed anything too big.

Interesting piece on Andrea Leonelli, founder of DMT

I’ve been on his show a couple of times and have posted loads of his interviews, so it’s good to see him talk about what he does here.

DMT – SXSW 2014: MusicGraph with Bill Hajar and Jean-Pierre Dodel

Link to Palm Sounds?

If you like Palm Sounds then why not put a link in your side bar to us? It would be lovely if you could, or if not, maybe a mention every once in a while? It all helps!

Berlin Mobile Music Developers getting a new meetup


Octatrack and OP-1

Mi.Mu Glove for Music on Kickstarter


I was really excited about this kickstarter until I saw the minimum amount you’d need to fund to get one. It’s £420. That’s going to be a bit too rich for me sadly.


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