DMT – SXSW 2014: Adam WarRock on building a fan base online, the Nerdcore community and more

So which apps are a must for Audiobus 2 state saving?

Audiobus 2 has to be very close now and one of the biggest, or most looked forward to features is state saving. Of course that doesn’t come to every app. The developer will need to put it in the app and support Audiobus 2.

So which apps do you really want to get state saving? What are the ones where this will really change your music making?

Let me know which ones it is and I might do a poll later.

iPad Music App Korg Gadget Berlin

Lovely ad for the 555 chip

Via Snazzy FX.

Mood481 – The Alchemist

Apps used: Alchemy, Audiobus, AudioShare, AUFX:Space, Caelestis, Cube Synth, Dream Camera, Gestrument, iMovie, Lemur, MidiBridge, Nave, and Sliver.

Great to see that Mogees got fully funded and more


Synth 76477 Demo and Tutorial for iPad

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