And here’s a top ten from Ottorhin …

Ottorhin said…

01. Mixtikl
02. Xynthesizr
03. iKaossilator
04. Figure
05. iPolysix
06. Audiobus
07. Filtatron
08. Audioshare
09. Magellan
10. Scape

Ottorhin goes on to say …

“I began with Magellan, my first synth app. Then a friend bought me iPolysix and I still use it a lot.Since I have no musical skills, I move to generative apps as soon as I was aware that such a thing exists for iOS. I have almost quit using nodebeat, but it is a very nice app. Because my lack of musical skills I also like performance oriented apps like Figure or Kaossilator. Audiobus, filtatron and audioshare complete my usual recording setup. I don’t have installed garage band, it is intended for musicians ;-). I use scarcely Animoog, iMS20, Loopy.”

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