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Musikmesse 2014: Z3TA+ from Cakewalk

Nice to see Cakewalk showing off their new iOS synth, especially using one of IK’s iRig Pro keyboards.

I noticed that it actually drew in a lot of people to play with it, but not all got the interface.

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Making slightly unpleasant noises with littlBits and Toro Mini

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Monophonic arpeggiator contest … JoLu MSosa

Apps used:
Samplr : arpeggiator mode
76Synthesizer : presets #1,3 and 4
Modrum Rythm Composer: custom beats

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Chiptunes Pro for iPad arrives

I love the look of this thing. I love the chips!

Chiptunes lets you make retro music the way it should be made – with chips! Build your circuit to lay down drum beats, basslines, and tunes.

Chiptunes Pro has all the features that can be unlocked in Chiptunes and will include all future updates.

Chiptunes Pro is priced at $2.99.

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First hint at Sequential 3.0

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OP-SCHOOL 07: Finger

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Analog Synthesis with littleBits

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FInd all the Musikmesse 2014 posts in one place

So if you’re looking for all the posts on Musikmesse, just click on the label to get them all. Here’s a nice easy link to it.

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OP-SCHOOL 06: Endless

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Preset in Audiobus 2

In this video Christopher is showing you how to create, load and share presets in Audiobus 2.

Some of the apps in the video that are going to support state saving:

  • Echo Pad
  • Arturia iSem

And of course Audiobus 2.

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