Musikmesse 2014: A closer look at the C.24

It was great to meet up with the guys from Miselu at Musikmesse and get a look at the latest prototype of the C.24 keyboard. It isn’t the finished article, but it is getting a lot closer to something that’s going to ship to the backers from Kickstarter.

The first thing that I have to say is that the engineering on the keyboard itself is very complex and all I can imagine is that it has been incredibly difficult to put together so far.

I know from my conversation with them that they’ve spent a lot of time on the design and layout of every aspect of the keyboard and I think that those decisions will pay off in the long term.

Once you set the iPad in the C.24 it’s very sturdy indeed and the whole thing fits together as a case which is very cool.

As you can see in the photo above I got to play with Nave on the C.24 which worked nicely after the guys had sorted out a few configuration issues. It is a prototype after all. After that was done I found it easy to play, but I do like smaller keys.

You might also notice the module that’s sitting just behind the keys. This is one of the unique features of the C.24. The module in the picture is removable, and could be replaced by another. It’s held in place by magnets and is actually very secure.

My understanding is that the plan is that more people will make different modules for the C.24 allowing users to expand control in some interesting ways.

So overall the C.24 is moving forward. Like many kickstarter campaigns involving hardware it is late, but even so I think it’ll be a good step forward for mobile music making.

Traktor Audio 2 – Small. Loud. iOS Ready.

Native Instruments introduces the updated TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 – now iOS-ready

Here’s what NI’s Press Release tells us …

Native Instruments today announced new iOS compatibility for the updated TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 – the world’s smallest premium DJ audio interface. Now plug-and-play with the latest version of TRAKTOR DJ – the pro DJ app for iPad and iPhone – TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 transforms iOS devices into a mobile, crowd-worthy DJ setup. Designed for ultimate portability, TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 delivers pristine, premium 24-bit/48 kHz audio in an unsurpassed pocket-sized format.

The ultra-compact TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 now joins the growing list of iOS compatible hardware by Native Instruments. With the release of iOS version 7.1, TRAKTOR AUDIO 2, TRAKTOR KONTROL S4, S2, and Z1 now all connect seamlessly to an iPad or iPhone running the latest version of TRAKTOR DJ. With an even slimmer, streamlined profile, the updated TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 is more portable than ever. Two 1/8 inch stereo outputs allow for seamless track cueing and headphone monitoring in TRAKTOR PRO 2 or TRAKTOR DJ. The outputs of the TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 can be connected to a standard DJ mixer, allowing two TRAKTOR Decks to be mixed with familiar tactile control.

TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 connects to laptops or iOS devices using the included mini-USB or 30-pin to USB cables. Using the AUDIO 2 with iPad 4 and iPhone 5 requires a 30-pin to Lightning adapter. When using TRAKTOR DJ on an iPhone or iPad, connecting the optional power supply increases the overall output volume and keeps the connected device charged. TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 includes TRAKTOR LE 2. Two decks, three effects, and all essential mixing features provide a ready-to-use package designed for entry-level DJs.

TRAKTOR AUDIO 2 is available at retailers worldwide and at the NI Online Shop for $99 / 99 € / £89 / ¥ 10,800.

A $50 / 50 € / £44 / ¥ 5000 e-voucher will also be sent to users upon registration of the included TRAKTOR LE software.

Blofeld Arp

Video description:

This video is a demo of the MidiBlob for the Blofeld App on a nice arpeggiator based Blofeld patch. Right hand play the keyboard, not visible in the video, left hand use MidiBlob on the iPad to “play” the sound.

Something new coming from Mr HumbleTUNE

Now that looks pretty cool to me.


Nice video showing what you can do with Yellofier (on Android in the video).

Via Musical Android.

Moonsynth and Korg Analog (Android)

Video description:

“This is a demo of my new app moonsynth running on a nexus7 2013 tablet with the monribe, volca bass and drums ad the akai mpx8 jacked into the monotribe audio input. Hard to see the tablet but moonsynth is running clean into the mixer which is plugged into a zoom g3 to add effects to all the parts.”

Via Musical Android.

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