Musikmesse 2014: New things coming from IK Multimedia

It was nice to see the IK booth at Musikmesse and some nice looking new things coming from them in the next few months.

First off is the iRig Pads which is roughly the same size as Novation’s LaunchPad Mini.

Next is the iRig MIDI 2, which I found more exciting really as this looks like a really big update to IK’s previous MIDI add on.

Lastly was a new mic, the iRig Mic Field which is designed for mobile podcasting. This one looks handy, but overall the new MIDI box is the most interesting and appealing for me personally.

One thing that it does show is just how much IK are doing to support iOS and the mobile world. The sheer number of products they put out is staggering.

So there’s more to look forward to from IK over the coming months with these products. They couldn’t give me any details of pricing or exact release dates as yet, but I’m sure this will come soon enough.

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