Here’s the weekly round up, and a little bit about Musikmesse at the end

And once again we round up the news from this week, which was actually a very busy week for mobile music again. Anyway, here it is, day by day.

Monday (10/3):

  • We’re waiting for iMIDIPatchBay to come to the iPhone, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer 
  • Audio Mastering 2.3 promises some great stuff, but will it be 2.4 now? 2.3 seems to have delivered a bug fix for iOS 7.1.
  • Mogees have hit their funding goal and have just over 2 days left if you wanted to fund their kickstarter, also, watch this great video of a juggler using Mogees.
  • Whilst not mobile, MIDI sprout is another really interesting idea on kickstarter
  • SoundMarks is a handy audio recorder with the ability to annotate
  • iOS7.1 arrived, but just how stable is it and what will it mean for audio? Is anything fixed yet? You tell me. There’s some early feedback here, and Miki tells us that MMS works better too
  • Really interesting post on the Intermorphic blog about Laurence Stevenson’s radio show
  • Nanoloop iOS gets the filter update in line with the Android version
  • Finally on Monday I show you my zero input mixing skills, great if you like that sort of thing, not so great if you don’t

Tuesday (11/3):

  • Wow, we start the day with Lemur 5.0 arriving with loads of new stuff including sequencing, plus a price drop, and a video here too.
  • csGrain gets the bus
  • Fiddlewax blue adds MIDI
  • Droboto adds IAA and more in the latest version, which is especially interesting considering how it is made
  • If you’re a MIDI designer user then do yourself a favour and grab these free templates from Mr Swinney.
  • Bastl Instruments show their new granular sampler, microGranny!

Wednesday (12/3):

Thursday (13/3):

Friday (14/3):

  • Well not much went on at Palm Sounds on Friday as I’ve been at Musikmesse, so all the news went on Saturday.

Saturday (15/3):

So, that was a busy week. No doubt nothing will let up in the next 7 days either. I know there’s lots to look forward to.

I mentioned at the beginning that I’d say something about my trip to Musikmesse. Well it was awesome and I have lots to tell and lots of pictures to show too, I’ll be putting them up over the next few days, so look out for Musikmesse posts.

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