Would you describe Artiphon’s Instrument 1 as fascinating, yeah, I would

Also it seems that Harry McCracken would too in this piece on time about SXSW. It’s only short, but it’s good to see that Artiphon are getting lots of the right kind of attention. I think that’s good for mobile music making as a whole.

Off to Musikmesse

So expect loads of pictures, perhaps some video (probably in a few days) and hopefully some big surprises. Who knows. I’ll tell you whatever I can as soon as I can. It’ll be fun anyway!

SECTOR in RevealApp, shows in 3D how the UI is built up.


A little look at what’s coming next to SECTOR

A little sneaky peek on the coming SECTOR 1.0 update!

Novation // Launchpad App Audio Import Tutorial


What’s up next for Thumbjam …

This looks like a brilliant update for the already brilliant Thumbjam. Load to look forward to here then:

  • Audiobus 2 support, including preset load/save
  • IAA client support
  • Now supports up to 4 screen splits, and up to 8 simultaneously loaded instruments
  • Velocity layering support (new instruments that actually have velocity layers to follow)
  • Now allows pitch tracking mode in background
  • Fixed instrument editing loop xfade issue
  • Fixed continuum mode in landscape orientation
  • Fixed issue with VoiceOver and menus
  • Fixed longstanding attack envelope consistency issue

Via MoMuPro.

ThumbJam on the app store:

IVCS3 Lemurized teaser


Video description:

“Testing out the “performance page” of upcoming Lemur template for control, modulation and randomization of iVCS3.”

iVCS3 on the app store:

Lemur on the app store:

Don’t forget … Music Tech Pitch is on the 8th of April

Don’t forget that the next Music TechPitch 4.5 event is on the 8th of April!

Music TechPitch 4.5 is a platform to enable startups specifically within the music-tech industry from all across Europe to showcase their business proposition to a relevant wider audience, including VCs, music industry professionals and experts, journalists, as well as other aspiring and successful music and tech entrepreneurs. This pitching event is a unique opportunity to build more awareness, receive productive feedback from an expert panel, and network with key music-tech industry players.

The evening will feature an introduction by a key industry-player and a maker demo, followed by the selected music-tech startups presenting their business ideas and revenue models during a 3-minute pitch followed by a Q&A by the panel of expert judges. A winner will be scored by the judges, and there will be a general vote to pick the audience favourite.

Tickets are available here, and use the promo code PALMSOUNDS for a 10% discount!

LineShark – The Audio Interface for iOS + Android (kickstarter campaign)


Another very tempting bit of hardware up on kickstarter. There’s just so many these days.


A closer look at what’s next from Wooji …

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